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16 Foods So Bad They’re Banned, Just Not In America

Let’s be honest, food is obviously a necessity but in America we like our food quick and easy which, for the most part, translates into more processed foods that are stuffed¬†with things that are not only terrible for you, they’re actually harmful!

In fact, there are some processed foods that we consume daily in America that are so toxic to the human body they’re actually banned in other countries. For example, The European Union, China and other superpowers do not use some of the heavily processed foods and chemicals that we use here because they are proven to cause health problems. Not in the USA though, we love our processed foods! Why? Because they’re quick and let’s be honest, most the time it tastes amazing!

Odds are, you’ve consumed something on this list within the past 24 hours and don’t forget, these have been BANNED in other countries!


Time to go buy some chickens to raise and start growing your own fruits and veggies!


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