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The Only 9 Core Exercises You Need For That Six-Pack


The amount of time wasted in gyms across the globe on the worst ab exercises is downright criminal. The insane part is, everyone keeps thinking that weak crunches and mini-movements will somehow melt all the fat from your belly, and reveal a stunning, beach-ready six-pack of abs.

Here’s the huge problem there — you have to hammer away with those crunches for hours before you get the same benefit of ab exercises that are far more effective, and efficient, and crushing your core into shape. If you’re sick of wasting all of your precious time in the gym on useless core movements, it’s high time you did something about it by utilizing the most effective techniques.

Of course, these exercises listed below are all within reason — which is to say this is not a list of exercises that may be great, but can only be done be super-humans or the most elite fitness fanatics. I’m sure you’ve checked out different YouTube links of freaky-fit folks claiming the ‘best’ ab exercise involves hanging by your legs and whipping your body across the gym like some trapeze artist. That sort of stuff is great for someone who’s already there, but how about we stick to the moves that’ll get you there. These exercises are the not the only ones that will carve out that killer six pack, but they’re definitely going to get you there faster!

Read along to learn the only 10 core exercises you should be doing in your workouts.

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