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10 Exploding Fitness Trends With Amazing Results

Top ImgAnyone can work hard these days, in making efforts to get fit. But did you know that hard work means nothing without it’s important ally: Efficiency. So much time is wasted at the gym by far too many people who simply slog through hour-long workouts, thinking the whole time that as long as enough hours are logged, phenomenal results will follow.

Nothing could be more false. The best thing you can do is to maximize your efforts in the most efficient way possible — that way you can double the effectiveness of your efforts in just half the time. The key to this type of success lies in many of the greatest new trends in fitness. There’s a reason so many people have taken to trends such as kettlebells and tabata intervals — it works, and it works quickly.

Follow along to get to know some of the most popular, and successful trends of 2014, to help carry you into the next year equipped with the best knowledge and directions to getting in the best shape, faster than you ever thought possible.


10. CrossFit


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Yeah, yeah — we get it…this isn’t some new trend that started in 2014. That really doesn’t take away from the fact that CrossFit, or CrossFit-style workouts aren’t still the rage. With each passing year, many more people are beginning to catch the bug, and frequent the local CrossFit ‘box’ in the hopes of getting stronger, faster, and healthier — while also transforming their bodies. Men or women are sure to keep climbing on the bandwagon, but it’s the success stories that will keep this trend going strong in 2015.


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