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The Great Vaccination Debate

There has been huge controversy across the nation over whether or not to get your children vaccinated, in general and specifically against measles.

Many people believe that vaccinations can cause autism. As research has claimed, the MMR vaccine — Measles, Mumps and Rubella — was a cause for concern regarding autism in children. However, as we have found out through further research and many studies, these findings have been shown to be inaccurate and untrue. So, the question remains.. why wouldn’t children be given these vaccinations to protect them from these potentially harmful diseases?

Truly, there is no known reason to subject these children to diseases that can be controlled and eliminated. There are always instances where, because of preexisting health issues, this may not be possible. That is true for any health care. However, in the vast majority of cases, vaccinating against diseases like measles is a safe and responsible course of action. This will help prevent future outbreaks like the one we are currently seeing.


This is a serious issue that parents, guardians or any one who oversees a child should be aware of. Contact your physician and/or pharmacist and become knowledgeable on the prevention of many childhood diseases. We have the vaccines! Let’s be proactive and protect our children.

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