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The Top 8 Biggest Fitness Lies You’ve Believed For Too Long

In the fitness world, it’s of the utmost importance that you don’t believe everything you hear. Chances are more than likely that you’ll run into your fair share of mis-information, or tips that just don’t work. But there exists more than a few pieces of advice that many people have taken as solid fact, when the reality of the situation is that certain information is a flat out lie.

Take a look at the following misconceptions regarding fitness, and make sure you understand the facts, before blindly believing what others tell you about how to get into shape.



8. Muscle Weighs More Than Fat



You’ve heard it everywhere, from people trying to sound intelligent when discussing specific weight types; muscle versus fat. Let’s tackle this one quick, so we can get it out of the way, and toss it from our collective fitness minds once and for all. One pound of ANYTHING will weight the same as another pound of anything else. I don’t care if it’s one pound of feathers stacked against one pound of solid steel — a pound is a pound.

Now, the difference is, and should be, obvious. One pound of feathers will take up far more space than one pound of steel, since you need a whole lot of feathers to get up to one pound. Are you seeing where I’m going here? Thus and so, one pound of fat will take up more space in your body than one pound of muscle, which is more dense than fat. This is why someone who weights 200 pounds, with most of it from fat, will be much larger than another individual with 200 pounds, with most coming from muscle.


Muscle takes up less space than fat — it does not weigh more. It’s in stone, it’s done, let’s move on!

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