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The 8 WORST Mistakes You Keep Making At The Gym

The popular belief is that any time spent in the gym is quality time spent improving your health. While that much is true, the unfortunate fact is that time is often not as quality as you may think. The reality is, too many people are making the same mistakes in the gym — over and over — which puts them at great risk for wasting a lot of their valuable time, and hindering the quick results everyone wants.

The problem exists in a lack of knowledge of the right things to do in the gym. Anybody can stroll in to their local commercial fitness center and put in work, but there’s an easier, and more efficient way to get fast results that will get you where you need to go NOW! It’s time to solve that problem, by identifying the typical mistakes that people just seem to keep making; dumb mistakes that can EASILY be avoided, and will help you master the finer points of being a workout superhero.

Let’s begin by looking at easily the number one problem lurking in a gym near you.



1. Not Choosing The Right Weights


No pain, no gain? Try no pain, no workout! To make the best strength gains, it is true that you need to be using heavy weights — in order to send signals to your brain to make your muscles fire in response. But weights that are too heavy are simply too dangerous to attempt. Why is that? Not only do you increase the chance for injury, but the form and technique of the lifts being completed will suffer dearly. Mechanical errors thanks to the ‘too much’ variety of incorrect weight choice will then lead to muscle and joint imbalances down the road. Any way you slice it, it will lead to injury.

Of course, if you’re using weights that are too light, you won’t create the overload adaptation your body needs to start making changes (or progress). If you think that you’re doing the right thing by breezing through a light weight workout, you’ll be stuck in the same rut forever. Find some kind of middle ground, where the weights used elicit a good enough response (effort) to make it feel like you’re working; not so much that you’re sore for days afterwards.

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