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Have A Healthier Valentine’s Day

We’re quickly approaching the “Day of Love,” Valentine’s Day. Do you know what you are going to do for that special someone, in your life?

You have many options, as all of the many advertisements are telling you! You can send flowers or candy, have dinner by candlelight, or even find an ingenious way to make a marriage proposal, just to name a few.

It’s truly not just another day. Supporting large corporations by purchasing candy or flowers or gifts misses the point. It’s a day that reminds us to love and appreciate the important people in our lives. What this day really shows us is that we should be doing all of this, everyday!


Buying gifts isn’t really all that important, as the biggest gift is the gift of your time and attention.

We can do all of this and still keep in touch with the healthy aspect of life. Take someone to the gym and do a workout together. Eat a healthy dinner or stay home and watch TV, TOGETHER!

Give your time to a special someone that will treasure your company for years to come. It’s amazing how healthy it is to laugh and be happy. That’s what valentine’s Day is all about!!

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